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Mid-Tier 9.1 Java problem – Invalid 64-bit JRE

Hi –


I am in the process of setting up a 9.1 mid tier to point to my 8.1.02 Development ARS server for testing.  I have installed 64-bit Java (JDK and JRE).  To be current, I am using the latest Java that there is – 1.8.0_112.  I have installed the JDK, and then set up the JRE to reside outside the jdk folder:

In the installer for the mid tier, I use the prepopulated 64-bit JRE path:

I click next.  Then after some contemplation I receive:

Which seems a bit amusing to me, as 1.8 patch 112 is later than 1.8 patch 45!


Any ideas as to what the issue may be?





“AR System ODBC Driver” to windows without full installation of WUT

Hi everybody,


is it possible to install “AR System ODBC Driver” in winxp without full installation of WUT.

BMC AR System v7.6.04 SP4 (installed on linux host)

Oracle 11G 64bit


I tried this:

– copy arodbc7604_build002.dll from working computer to a clean computer, d:\ars7 (get from WUT or

– modify c:\windows\odbc.ini

– modify windows registry

no luck.




Best regards

BMC AR Server 9.1 using RSSO for CAC logon

We just recently, after several months of assistance from BMC got RSSO and our AR Remedy server talking.  It is now prompting for a CAC card/pin.  Do we now need to configure it for LDAP as well?  We, unfortunately, have not had any training on configuration for this new version so we are basically winging it.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks

Floating License – Swapping to Read (floating)

Hi All,


When does the floating license will change to Read (floating) for a Floating License User?

PFB snapshot:


Remedy Midtier Session Timeout is set to 90 minutes (Default Value) and Floating License Timeout is set to 2 hours (Default Value).


I checked many threads on this but could not able to find the helpful answer.




can not create a new field in view form


I am using version 7.0.


I have a view form.

I would like to create a new field in this view form, but I can not select the view table because it is disabled.

However my colleagues can select it…

nobody knows why I can not select it.


How can I make it not disabled status??



How to capture HTTP body while executing transformation using web service

PDI 7.0:We have a query where we are trying to execute transformation remotely using Carte web services.We are using POST method to execute the transformation.




Body :{“NAME”:”XXXXXX”}


Is there any way we can capture the body within the transformation, the body is passed along with the API call.


Reference Link :…70/020/020/020

Spoon: ARLookup step missing

Although each of CMDBInput, CMDBLookup and CMDBOutput step types exist, in comparison, there are only ARInput and AROutput step types, with no matching ARLookup step type.

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